Fur skirt

5,500 kr inkl.moms

Fitted skirt in suade from Bott, with zip fasteners. Can be used over trousers or thick socks. Order only and pick up in the farm boutique.
Size 38-44

Length: size 40/55 cm.

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Knee high socks

160 kr180 kr inkl.moms

80% merino wool
20 %Lycra / polyamide

Size: 37-39, 40-42
Also available as an over the knee sock.

Price: 180 kr.

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Ankle socks in a giftbox

210 kr inkl.moms

Swedish-made ribbed ankle socks in merino wool.
Size 43-45
80% merino wool
20% lycra / polyamide

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Carpet yarn

140 kr inkl.moms

Bote’s matt yarn, 1-thread thick wool yarn that fits woven, knitted or crocheted interior details.

Thread Count: 1-Thread Meter / Curve Approx. 50

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Bote’s classic wool yarn

180 kr inkl.moms

A slightly thinner wool that is lightweight and durable. Knitting needles from No. 3.
Thread Count: 2-Thread
Meter / hank approximately 220
Weight / hank approximately 100g

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Guest hand towel

95 kr inkl.moms

Hand towel in 100% linen to hem and embroider yourself. Available in black or red stranded embroidery cotton.


Material: Linen 45 x 34 cm, Linen hand towel, Pattern Sheet, embroidery yarn and string lace for one letter.

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Lingonkvist scarf

650 kr inkl.moms

Scarf in 100% wool. Length: 2m

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Shoulder and wrist warmer

540 kr inkl.moms

Shoulder warmer with matching long arm cuffs. Knitted in Bote’s coarser wool yarn with stitches No. 5, 7, and 8 Size / number of skein: Shoulder warmer S / M, L / XL 2 pcs, cuffs sts 1 pc

Price: 540 kr

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900 kr1,080 kr inkl.moms

Jumper with a feminine shape and wide waist. Knitted in Bote’s coarser wool yarn on needle No. 5, 7, 8 and 9.

Size / number of skeins: S / M 5 pcs, L 5 pcs, XL 6 pcs

Length: sts L 69 cm Price: S / M 900 kr, L 900 kr, XL 1 080 kr

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180 kr inkl.moms

Contains: lanolin, wax and plant oils, including Oberon. Environment and skin friendly.

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Agnes doll

235 kr inkl.moms

My grandmother Agnes sewed a doll for me when I was a child in the 60’s. It has inspired the rag doll Agnes, which comes as a self-sewing kit.
Dolls length: 40 cm

Material: fabric 100% linen, embroidery yarn, Botes coarser wool yarn.

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Lingonkvist jumper

1,550 kr inkl.moms

Lingonkvist – a pattern that originated from the Alskog’s parish in Gotland.

Short shirt with long sleeves and adorned neck reinforcement.
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Red Cedar hearts

99 kr inkl.moms

Handmade Red Cedar hearts
Can be conveniently placed in the drawer, wardrobe, jackets etc.
For a renewed effect, grind some sandpaper once a year or drop some red cedar oil on the wood.
Red cedar hearts should be combined with red cedar oil if you already have the need for red cedar – for a faster and more powerful effect.
15 pieced of red-cedar hearts, about 3 × 2.5cm

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Lingonkvist Half mittens

295 kr inkl.moms

Half-mittens in 100% wool One size.

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Organic wool detergent

125 kr inkl.moms

Dosage 1 capsule / 5l of water. Mild detergent with scent of essential oil from pine needles.

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Lingonkvist ankle sock

115 kr inkl.moms

80% merino wool

20% lycra / polyamide

Size: 37-39, 40-42

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Sheep and lamb skin

Leather from our own breed. Price from 1500-5000 kr.

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Fur mittens

950 kr inkl.moms

Long sleeve mittens. Available in brown, grey and black.

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Lingonkvist ankle warmer

295 kr inkl.moms

Short ankle warmer that fits perfectly in boots. 100% wool.
One size

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Fur vest

6,500 kr inkl.moms

Female fur vest from Bote with high collar and zipper. Only sold in the farm boutique.
Size 38-44.
Length mid back st. 40/65 cm

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Raw wool fleece

55 kr385 kr inkl.moms

Raw wool fleece  för felting and hand spinning.


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Linen top

1,150 kr inkl.moms

Tailor made linen with frayed hemline size. 36-44 Length in size 40: 57 cm

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Lavender bag

75 kr inkl.moms

Embroider yourself with cross stitch of letters we use here on Bote. There was a linen towel left on Bote it was my grandfather’s mother, she embroidered her initials on the cross stitch. This has inspired me to use personalised embroidery on textile and for other to sew themselves.

Lavender bag in 100% linen to embroider and sew together yourself.

Linen fabric 10×10 cm, pattern sheet, lavender, embroidery yarn and lace for one letter. Available in black or red yarn.

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Cardigan for rag doll Agnes

75 kr inkl.moms

At Bote we sew many of our clothes ourselves. As a child I used to sew clothes for my dolls. This is a Lingonkvist cardigan for rag doll Agnes to sew yourself. To make Agnes we have used off cut materials.

Material: Off cuts from Lingonkvist clothing in wool, strips of linen fabric.

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Hand soap

185 kr inkl.moms

In Bote’s shrugged woodland forest amongst the 300-year-old pine trees, lays plenty of succulent thyme. Bote’s organic mild hand soap is scented with essential oil from the thyme, the same herb that that is freely eaten by the sheep.

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Linen shirt

1,685 kr inkl.moms

Female dress shirt with fringed hem and cuffs.

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Patent knitted hat

300 kr inkl.moms

Hat in 100% wool. One size

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Long socks

270 kr360 kr inkl.moms

Warm long socks knitted in Bote’s classic wool yarn with stocking needles no 3 and 3.5.

Size / number of rows: 31-35 1.5 pcs, 36-45 2 pcs Price: 31-35 270 SEK, 36-45 360 kr

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Patented cardigan

1,750 kr inkl.moms

Female patent-embroidered wrap with side attachment.

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Bote’s coarser wool yarn

180 kr inkl.moms

Bote’s slightly coarser wool is soft, full-bodied and lightly knitted.

Knitting needles from nr 4

Thread count: 2 thread

Weight / tangle: approx. 1 hg  Meter / Tangle  approx 180




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Lingonkvist hat

300 kr inkl.moms

Hat with extended ears in reverse colour

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199 kr inkl.moms

Red Cedar Oil – For an insect free home.

Red Cedar Oil is an eco-friendly essential oil derived from the redwood tree, Juniperus Virginiana. For application: Draw the cedar oil along the floorboards and in other pockets.

Alternatively: Drop red cedar oil on a cotton swab, cloth or sponge and stroke along the shelves and bathroom walls.

This oil is also effective when you want to renew the smell of your red cedar wood.

Place a generous amount of red cedar oil so that you smell the aromas.

If needed, the red cedar oil can be used together with reddish wood for best effect, as essential oils are volatile.

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45 kr inkl.moms

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Linen skirt

1,050 kr inkl.moms

Scarf-lined skirt with tie strap at the waist. Frayed hem. Length in size 40: 56 cm.

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120 kr inkl.moms

Towel in 100% linen to hem and embroider yourself.
Material:Linen fabric 60 x 45 cm. Linen towel, pattern sheet, branded yarn and lace for one letter.

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Ankle socks / Men

115 kr inkl.moms

Swedish-made ribbed ankle socks in merino wool.
Size 43-45
80% merino wool
20% lycra / polyamide

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Linen Dress

1,750 kr inkl.moms

Scratch-resistant linen dress with cap sleeve and good fit. No zip needed, just slip in as the garment elongates and sculpts whilst dressing.The bottom hem of the garment is frayed.


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Pantent knitted mittens

375 kr inkl.moms

Patent knitted mittens with long sleeves and raw edges. One size.

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540 kr inkl.moms

Large shawl with oblique joints at the ends.
Knitted in Botes coarser wool yarn in knit No. 9.
Length / number of skiens: 200 cm, 3 pcs.

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Thumb mittens

180 kr inkl.moms

Thumb mittens with generous sleeves that you can tuck into a jacket sleeve or fold over. Knitted in Bote’s classic wool yarn with stocking needles no 3.5 and 4.

Contains knitting description for size XS -XL, 1 piece skein.

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Raw wool

45 kr115 kr inkl.moms

Sorted and washed raw wool in bag 100-200 gr. For hand pulling and padding. Available in 3 colours.

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Ankle socks

180 kr270 kr inkl.moms

Classic warm socks knitted in Bote’s wool yarn on knits nr3 and 3,5

Yarn material to purchase: size 31-39 1 skein/ of yarn .
Yarn material to size 40-45 1.5 skein of yarn.
Knit stockinette knitting needles 3.0 and 3.5.

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900 kr1,080 kr inkl.moms

Female wrap cardigan with collar and wide cuffs. Knitted in Botes coarser wool yarn on knitting needles 5, 7 and 8.

Size / number of skeins: S / M 5 pcs, L 5.5 sts, XL 6 pcs Length: sts L 59 cm

Price: S / M 900 kr., L 990 kr., XL 1 080 kr

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