About the farm

The wonderful Bote Lammgard has been in family ownership since 1961. This beautiful home is also the farm for Gotland fur, which has been an ancient family tradition for centuries. Peacefully and in bountiful freedom, the sheep wonder the meadow amongst Breckland thyme, almond blossom, and Cowslip.

The surrounding landscape of the farm has been well preserved for the past 2,000 years. It is believed that the 120 hearding sheep are the arichtects of all this splendor.

Bote operates on a long term, small scale usage and has the utmost respect to preserve all cultural and historical values.

The farm can be tracked back to the 18th century but ancient monuments roam the grounds prior to this date: Stone cutters from the younger Bronze age…

Our philosophy

We manufacture fabricated clothing as far as possible. For us it is important to preserve the textile crafts tradition that has been used for centuries for both women and men in Gotland. By working in networks with creative textile craftsmen around the island, we are also involved in creating jobs in rural areas.

in the barn


The sheep on Bote’s are raised for their wool and for their meat. Their coats are cut twice a year before lambing in spring and in June. The skins are prepared with a length of three lengths and are used both in the clothing collection and in the interior decoration. At the spinning mill in Fardhem, the wool spins into a unique loose-sprint glossy two-row handpiece yarn. In the spring about 200 lambs are born on Bote’s.